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Home Inspection Services


Our Telescopic Bluetooth Camera Helps Identify The Roofs Age, Loose Or Missing Material, Zoom In On Problematic Areas Such As Flashing & Chimney Details.


All Home Inspection Services Include Identifying Cracks, Signs Of Water Penetration, Lot Slope, Past Repairs And More.


We Perform A Supply & Return Delta Test, Visually Inspect For Refrigerant Leaks, Frozen Pipes, Missing Insulation,  Safety Shut Off, Year And Make Of The Unit.


Thermal Imaging Cameras Detect Temperature By Recognizing And Capturing Different Levels Of Infrared Light. This Is Useful To Identify The Presents Of Insulation And Voids In The Walls.


We Verify Wires Are Not Double Tapped And Protected From Oversized Breakers, We Identify Wiring Material, Ensure Safety Receptacles Are Present Along With Up To Date Smoke Alarms.


The Carbon Monoxide Test Verifies If The Furnace Is Performing As Intended, Higher C.O Levels May Require Servicing By A HVAC Professional.


When Your HVAC System Blows Air Into Your Home, That Changes The Air Pressure Inside. The Excess Air Needs Somewhere To Go, That Spot Is The Return Vent.


Inspecting Supply Register Temperature For Adequate Heat Or Air Conditioning Helps Ensure The Unit Is Performing As Intended.


We Test The Water Pressure, Temperature, Test For Leaks, Inappropriate Materials, Venting And Installation Practices.


We Conduct A Moisture Test Throughout The Basement Foundation, Washrooms, Under Window Sills, Toilets Including The Walls Of The Shower Stalls And Threshold For Signs Of Moisture Or Mold.


We Inspect For Mold, Harmful Insulation, Structural Concerns, Sufficient Roof And Soffit Venting, Insulation Amount  And Signs Of Pests & Animals.


We Educate Our Clients On The Condition Of The Home, Helpful Maintence Tips & Best Practices To Maintain Your Investment, We Empower You To Make An Intelligent And Informed Buying Decision.

A Typical Home Inspection Lasts 2-3 Hours

First Class Customer Service-Educational Experience

Wallbank Home Inspections meticulously assessed every corner of the property. Their attention to detail was evident, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the home's condition. The inspection report was exceptionally detailed, outlining not only existing issues but also potential concerns that might arise in the future.

Kevin is a very thorough, knowledgeable and professional home inspector. Very reasonably priced. Kevin went above and beyond any home inspector I have ever seen. The realtor(who has seen many inspectors) had the same opinion. He was available on short notice. He provided very helpful advice on future and required improvements.

Kevin from Wallbank Inspection is a true professional at what he does!! He is very knowledgeable, informative, and curtious. Took me through step-by-step during the entire home inspection and explained everything in detail. Answered any questions I had with no hesitation. In all honesty look no further when hiring a Home Inspector, Kevin is the BEST at what he does! Thank You Kevin!

Best experience ever. Kevin explains step by step and also worked in my best interest. Spent plenty of time. Very knowledgeable. There was a major issue identified in the inspection, and he rightly recommended the right resource to get further investigation done. Also, followed up during the week if things are going well with my transaction.

I had an incredible experience with Wallbank Home Inspections! From start to finish, Kevin's service was impeccable. He was not only thorough and professional but also incredibly knowledgeable and attentive to every detail. They went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the home inspection was covered, providing us with valuable insights and recommendations. 

Kevin was great to deal with from start to finish. He walked us through the entire house, with him explaining in detail all of the concerns he saw. We appreciated his common sense recommendations. We received an in-depth report, with lots of photos and details that we can reference, and have already used the report as a guide when setting up appointments with various repair persons.

Kevin is probably one of the most knowledgeable inspectors I've met. He answered all my questions and gave me the right information so I could make the right decisions for me and my family. I did not expect the level of detail he provided in his report. I would be happy spending double what I paid for this level of service. Highly recommended that you use Kevin before sealing the deal on a new home!

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